How it works

You Are Locked In

The rooms are fully filled with clever puzzles and clues. You will find a way out by your intelligence and wisdom.

The Clock Is Ticking…

Can you puzzle your way to the intriguing conclusion and escape the room in 60 minutes?

Feel The Atmosphere

The rooms is built to create an authentic experience with a fun atmosphere, strict attention to detail.

Sherlock’s Study

2-10 people
60 mins

Travel to 19th Century, Collect Clues, Solve the Criminal with Sherlock Holmes.

Masquerade Manor

2-10 people
60 mins

If you were the invitees, would you find out the truth?

Masquerade Manor

2-10 people
60 mins

Attend the Masquerade Ball Party and Dig Out the Secret Tonight!


Grand Thieves

3-12 people
75 mins

New Mission: Break the prison and get the necklace!


Corpse Whisperer

2-8 people
60 mins

If she already died, who is whispering?

Who can play

  • Friends & Family
  • Kids
  • Team & Co-Workers
  • Game Lovers
  • Tourists

Ready For The Escape?

Escape Room gives you the opportunity to have fun